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Some of the best journey's begin with either a drunk idea or when you take the road less traveled by. It might lead you to some destination never explored before. Adventure Wolves is one such journey. Adventure wolves started with a bike trip, our bike trip to Lonavala. The green and mystic meadows, the serene hills, and the winding roads always tell you a story. The story that never ends. We were having fun on the cruiser, leaving behind the boundaries which surround us in our day to day lives. We never thought that the journey we are beginning has so much more to explore. If A simple road trip can do wonders, why not give it a shot and start looking for more?? This question lead us to find answers and so we kept moving further with the motto, “explore what needs to be explored coz it’s not a videogame where you get an extra life.” We all carry a desire to do something that is called ‘Adventure’ or ‘Adventurous’ then why resist. Come with us to the land of adventure. It may not seem like the one in Fairy tales, but it’s the one which is real...


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- Juhee Singh -

“One of the best. From the Cab service they provided, to the hotel accommodation & the sites they let us visit, just every part of their service was great and all the tickets were properly managed by them @ much affordable price.
All over it was a pretty good experience with them & all their services are trustworthy & very reliable as well.”


-Nikunj Mishra -

“It was a great experience with adventure wolves. We planned a trip a to dalhousie and everything was managed perfectly. Will be looking forward for more trips with them.”


- Hitika Gautam -